Ai Screening

Selecting candidates to interview from a pool of applicants is the most tedious part of the interview process. Or it was. Screening of the right candidates and potential performers, now simplified right to its roots with AI screening of the Bot360.

Our AI Recruiting Tool
Make This Feat Possible.

Beyond this tool’s ability to automate low-level tasks, our AI recruitment can help hiring teams improve their quality of hire, save time and money, and minimize some of the hidden human bias that prevents candidates from getting a fair evaluation.

Improves Recruiter

Allows Hiring To
Be Done at Scale

Offers a Great
Candidate Experience

Removes Hiring Bias

A fair evaluation is by default, undertaken by the Bot360, since hiring process is virtual and is done through a Tech panel, that is impartial and has no connection outside of the platform with the hiring Organization.

Remote Hiring

Predicts Candidate

Hiring Costs

Ensuring Smooth Show Time

Test Tech

It would be very excruciating if the candidate connects to the interview, if audio is not audible, or candidate is not able to share screen. Hence, the candidate is first educated on the use of platform, and working of all devices required are tested before start of interview.

Quiet, Non-Distracting

We prepare our candidates to find a quiet place where they can give undivided attention

Empower Candidates with Information

So that you can focus on that interview without worrying about whether you’ll have to deal with any tech hiccups