Conversational Ai

Conversational Ai

Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology, and the future is now. Implementation of a future ready AI tech we like to call the conversational AI is used in the assessment of a candidate, that uses real-time analytics and inference patterns, churns out the best results.


AI-based software simply outshines the HR challenges like diversity, bias and inclusion. To overcome the mesh of drawbacks related in the HR practices, AI-powered hiring platform can be a potent tool to assist teams of recruiters by employing the objective data rather than feelings and instincts.

The most definite way that AI revolutionize candidates hunt is in the context of the skills that job seekers need to attain on the front and the end just to apply and engage with smart recruiter platforms. From automated interview scheduling to candidate engagement; organizations have already started deploying our AI-powered recruiting tools.

BoT 360, as an AI-based technology not only works for improving the quality of hiring but also stands out in the ability to use data and standardize the matching of candidate’s knowledge, experience, and skills according to the role.

BoT360 machine, powered with our Algorithms, is an automated intelligent system, built on the widely acknowledged concept of the self-learning capabilities of modern computers. Artificial Intelligence infers regular human conversations, identifies and reports key results thereby ensuring that there are no exclusions of critical and crucial information.

The bot functions by the integration of learning and experience to automatically build analytical models, and run thorough analytics to derive accurate Realtime results without any human intervention. This is achieved by the BoT360 by learning from data and identifying patterns to make autonomous accurate decisions.