BoT360 comes with a lot of exclusive features, like a game changing facial recognition and assessment technology, a digital whiteboard for the candidate to convey his insights, and a spot-on detailed interview report by the tech panel, all of which, clubbed together, make it much easier for the interviewer to take an accurate decision on recruitment.

BoT360 Whiteboard:

Digital Coding
Representation (DCR)

BoT360 Whiteboard is a feature that allows you to create a digital whiteboard in which you can make notes, draw, and make other types of annotations/coding. Candidates can give HTP/panel’s a visual representation of what he/she is trying to convey.

Other features include the ability to Erase, change the color of your text/drawing (Format), undo, and redo. If all goes wrong, you can hit the clear button to erase everything you have done and clear the BoT360 Whiteboard.

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BoT360 – Facial Recognition
Software Technology (FRST) –
Game Changer

Facial recognition is something, that adds substantial aid in decision making, especially in hiring management and administration segment.

Our Technology can help a recruiter analyse a video of candidate face, assess expressions, and garner a clear reading of your personality traits – integrity, earnestness, uncertainty, passion, and a tendency for argument.

Our software algorithms can study images from live stream videos, uploaded photos, or database mugshots. It will then encode various parameters such as height and width ratios, facial features, eye, and mouth corners to determine a state of mind – happy or sad, stressed, or at ease.

Our Facial Recognition Software Technology (FRST) helps recruiter in

  • a. Personality Screening / AI Predictive Analytics
  • b. Culture Fit

BoT360 Interview Feedback Report (BoT360 Report)

Our BTP (BoT360 Technical Panel) take time to write down feedback gives the evaluator/end client an opportunity to structure their own thinking, check in with how they really feel about a candidate and make a more objective recommendation.


Data Security & Information Management

Applicants with BOT360 will have provided a lot of personal and sensitive information which they entrust in the hands of the interviewing Organization. The security of such data is very crucial. We assure you, security of the data entrusted to you is our highest priority.

Data Ownership

With BoT360, you are the complete and sole owner of your data. In any instance, wherein you want to delete your BoT360 account, you can always choose to delete the data, or request a data export, which will be provided to you as a JSON file with a week’s expiration date.

Maximum Security

All our data is stored in and served from, secure and certified Amazon EC2 servers, which can only be accessed through user accounts with the right credentials, the matrix of which can be selected by you, meaning, you can decide, who, in your company, can access the data, and who cannot.



Protecting the data of our customers and their candidates has been one of our biggest priorities from day one. It’s one of many reasons why several high-profile organizations choose BoT360.

Our Data Security Team manages the data & Information
management using high & most advanced technologies to ensure:

Access control



Risk Monitoring

Assess level of Risk

Documented Policy

Security Audit Process

Hosting Server

Data Storage & IMS

Threat Management