BoT 360



Virtualization and automation of most of the menial tasks in an interview process, is how our AI driven product saves a lot as a benefit over the normal interview system, giving a lot of Organized free space for the company to involve and indulge in better business prospects.

A Global Network of Experts, With Incredible Experiences-Our Tech Panelists

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Intelligent Assessment And Scoring of Candidates Resume By The Machine


An Intelligent System Which Continuously Learns, Records, And Improves Its Efficacy

Automated Schedule Technology (AST)

Helps Panelists With Candidates Across The World
For a Video Interview Based on Skills, Role & Experience.

BoT360 Interviews, Can Be Watched, Assessed, And Experienced From Anywhere, Anytime

BoT analysis of Behavioural, Sentimental and Psychometrics of Candidates

Rating by
BoT360 Tech Panel (BTP)

Unbiased Scorecard of Candidates

Coding based, live and
asynchronous interviews

Offers a Great
Candidate Experience